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The Commercial Center in Alofi contains the post office and the Bank South Pacific.

Telecom Niue, next to the Niue Tourism Office in the Commercial Center, handles overseas calls and wires. Local calls can be placed for free at this office. You can send a fax to anyone on the island at fax 4010 and they'll be called and asked to pick it up. Niue's telephone code is 683.

Since 2005 all villages on Niue have had free WiFi access.

Public toilets are in front of the immigration office facing the parking lot on the north side of the Commercial Center.

Lord Liverpool Hospital on the coast southwest of Alofi was destroyed in 2004 by Hurricane Heta and a new hospital has been constructed inland past the airport.


New Zealand currency is used. The Westpac Bank will change traveler's checks, though not always at a good rate. If you're arriving from New Zealand, bring sufficient N.Z. dollars rather than waiting to change money here. You can obtain a cash advance on a credit card for a fee, but no ATMs are available. Many hotels and restaurants accept credit cards, but ask first.