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Sports and Recreation

Niue Dive next to the Matavai Resort offers scuba diving from inflatable boats. Gear rental (if required) is available. A certification card is necessary, otherwise you can take a PADI open-water course. Featured are dives through caves to drop-offs and Niue's small, timid sea snakes. If you're very lucky, you may be able to dive with spinner dolphins (year-round) or migrating whales (June-November). Due to the absence of rivers, the water is unbelievably clear—worth every penny.

Niue Dive also arranges snorkeling or coastal sightseeing trips. A three-hour whale-watching trip is offered from July to October.

Game fishing is offered on Niue. Fish caught belong to the boat. The main season for wahoo is July to November; marlin, sailfish, tuna, and mahi mahi are taken from November to April. Fishing on Sunday is prohibited by law.

Visitors are welcome at the nine-hole golf course near the airport. An annual tournament is in November.

Sporting events such as soccer (March-June), rugby (June-Aug.), and netball (June-Aug.) take place on the high school grounds. Cricket (Dec.-Feb.) and softball matches are usually held in the villages on alternating Saturdays. The locals will know what's happening.

Leopard Moray Eel

Leopard Moray Eel

Active mostly at night, the fierce-looking leopard moray eel (Lycodontis javanicus) attacks only when threatened. Since it hides in holes and crevices in rock and coral, this can be done by a diver inadvertently. The flesh of this species is often poisonous to eat.