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Virtually all of Niue's scenic attractions are within earshot of the sea, but while sites on the west coast are accessible from the road in a few minutes, those on the east coast are only reached over slippery rough trails requiring hikes of up to 40 minutes. Some of these trails, such as those through the fantastic petrified coral forests at Vaikona and Togo, are not well marked. Sturdy shoes are required to go almost anywhere off the road on Niue.

If you're a good walker, you could visit the sites south of Alofi on foot in under a day. Those to the north can be covered by a combination of walking, hitching, and good luck, but to get to the places on the northeast and southeast coasts and return to Alofi the same day, you'll need your own transportation. Take food and drink with you, as little is available in the villages.

Photographers should note that conditions on the east coast are best in the morning, on the west coast in the afternoon. Vaikona and Togo are definitely not afternoon trips, as the declining light in the forest makes the trails hard to discern. Also, limestone makes for slow walking.